In a country like South Africa, it's hard not to be sport-conscious. It's all around us. It's an integral part of our culture. No matter how diverse and colourful the people of this nation are, we will always find unity in sport.

Smart Trainer was founded by LLoyd Rabie in 2011. Spotting a need for quality training that's accessible to South Africa's youngsters who are often hampered by parameters such as location or financial constraints, he decided to create a platform where anyone can train like a pro.

LLoyd was later joined by Nico Van Rensburg and Jannie Ackermann to fully develop the concept and get the right people involved.

Smart Trainer truly is a revolutionary way to train, whether you are a young athlete who wants to improve your skill, a beginner who needs a solid foundation, or an occasional golfer who wants to improve your swing. SmartTrainer aims to serve all ages, shapes and forms of athletes in need of quality tuition by true sports professionals, who have competed on an international level and have valuable and relevant knowledge in their respective sport disciplines.

We have tried our best, and will continue to strive, to bring these courses to you in a fun and easy manner, so you can find everything you need to train like a pro. Sign up and get in the game straight away.